The Best Places to Visit in Egypt

The fascinating history of Egypt, combined with some rich heritage, make it one of the oldest travel destinations in the world. The nation’s pyramids and sculpture are home to some ancient history that has made to every history notebook or spooky story. But apart from the usual places, the country also boasts of certain other places that equally qualify the nation for providing tourists with some mesmerizing moments. S, if you are planning to visit Egypt, but confused where to go, then here are the best places to visit in Egypt.

Giza Necropolis

Giza Necropolis is situated in the vicinity of the southwestern suburbs of Cairo. By visiting this place, you will learn a lot about ancient history and even more from reading a book. The pyramids, Sphinx at the base are some iconic images that will remain inside your head when you visit Giza Necropolis. Generations have spent a lot of time and effort in making this place beautiful, and hence, you will not be disappointed.


The modern capital of Egypt, also known as Cairo, is located near the Nile River Delta. The place is next to the ancient capital city of Memphis and requires you to do a lot of exploring. Cairo is a popular place that boots of various adventures and will never let you rest. The places that you witness are unique and special and play a huge part in the lives of Egyptians.


Your trip to Egypt cannot be completed without paying a visit to Luxor. This mid-sized city has a lot to offer for travellers, and some of it might even surprise you. The views and the sites that you see here are breath-taking and mesmerizing. If history is one of your interests, then Luxor might be even more interesting. The ancient royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens are some of the most visited places in this region.


Approximately 40 km south of Cairo, there is a desert on the west bank of the Nile River, where there lies a necropolis known as Dahshur. The location is a bit isolated, so you will not be bothered by frequent noise and people. The number of people who visit this place is less, and hence the queues finish up quickly.


Aswan is another city located in the southern part of Egypt. When it comes to excursions and other such fun activities, Aswan stands ahead as the best choice. Temples of Philae and Kabasha are some of the places where the excursions go to. The port and the sea are sure to blend in well with your adventure, as your trip gets more exciting. This venture will not be a disappointment, and you will be delighted.