The Evolution of Computer Games

Evolution of Games

The history if the scr online games date back to the era of the evolution of the computers. The computers are considered as the best invention of mankind. It is highly robust and incredibly fast and smart. As computers started to evolve, the applications and advantages of computers started to increase. Computers stood up to challenge the intelligence of the humans, in order to limit the glory of computers the man kept on inventing modern and ultra-modern technologies that can prove computers intelligence can be limited, but yet the computers stand as the Human kinds wonderful gift to the generations.

As the computers got evolved, the varieties of applications, games and tools also evolved. The computer is scaled based on the complexity of its performance. If a computer can perform the most complex task in lesser time and with the highest accuracy, then the computer is considered to be very efficient and effective. As the network of the computer grew, the gaming industry also grew along with it. Here is a quick flow of online games evolution that will drive the history of its genesis.

1940 and the NIMTRON

The computer from 1939 to 1940 introduced the concept of gaming using computers. The computers till then were only used to design and calculate. It exhibited the incredible way of its utilization through gaming. The very first game called NIM was introduced, which was a mathematical game.

1951 and NIMROD

This is typically considered as the very first computer that was used for gaming. The NIMROD was created in the year 1951, and it is one of the greatest evolutions in the history of gaming. It literally grasped the sights of the globe within no time. After the rise of NIMROD, the second efficient computer game known as OXO was designed and was created in 1952.

1962 and Spacewar

This is the spectacular creation of the humans in the very industry of gaming because it introduced the world the playable game computer on multiple stations. It is also one of the best and robust machines.

1996 and the Brown Box

The Brown Box was released at the first home game console. During this period a number of technological developments were becoming very prominent in the landmass of America and Europe. The popularity of computer games began to boom and people showed drastic interests in machine games as well. Many computer games like Periscope and Crown Special Soccer became very famous in a short time.


The 1980s and the programmed games

This was the ear of the computer world. The globe was just witnessing the technological conquer in every corner of the globe. The BASIC codes were developed to transit the traditional computer games. The Capabilities of the computer were tested with millions of challenges, complex codes and critical slots. The broadcast equally contributed to the evolution of online video games.